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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Kyle Tront, BHK Honors, DC 
Strathroy Clinic 

Dr. Tront graduated with from the University of Windsor with honours in 2014 with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree, majoring in Movement Science and minoring in Psychology. Later that summer, he started his chiropractic career at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he graduated from in June of 2018.  He has been practicing in Ontario since.


Dr. Tront specializes in identifying dysfunction, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of:

  • a range of disorders arising from the structure or function of the joints in the body and/or;

  • structure and function of the spine, which includes muscles and nerves and the impact they may have on the nervous system.


These conditions include but are not limited to: sports injuries, sprains/strains, low back, mid back, and neck pain, posture, disc injuries, sciatic pain, foot pain, work injuries, injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, jaw pain, and headaches. His primary methods of treatment include:

  • Mobilization & manipulation (spine +extremities)

  • Myofascial release therapy (MRT)

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)/post-isometric relaxation (PIR) relaxation soft tissue therapy techniques & IASTT – instrument assisted soft tissue therapy (Rock Tape)

  • Functional & performance taping

  • Physio modalities

  • Active care rehabilitation exercises

  • Orthotics                      


Dr. Tront completed additional training in mental health and first aid, medical acupuncture, functional and performance taping, orthotics, and Rock Tape – Rock Blades IASTT.  He believes that with his unique background, education, and specialized skill set he will reduce pain, increase function; improve recovery time, rehab and prevent injuries, and optimize performance.   He will establish the goals of treatment with you and serve to ensure success in achieving them.


Dr. Tront’s interest in the chiropractic profession began as a young athlete when he had an overuse fracture (spondylolytic sponylolisthesis) in the low back at 13 years old. After seeking treatment from a number of health care providers, he was only able to get relief from this debilitating low back pain from his local chiropractor.  Fast forward a few years and he continued to work closely with chiropractors in his day-to-day life and hockey career in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) playing for the Sarnia Sting, Belleville Bulls, and Saginaw Spirit from 2005-2009 and Ontario University Athletics (OUA) playing for the University of Windsor Lancers from 2009-2011. For these years, Kyle primarily used chiropractic care to reduce low back pain sequale resulting from his adolescent condition, to enhance performance, and injury rehabilitation/prevention. Ultimately, the impact chiropractic care had on Dr. Tront throughout the years led him to pursue a career with a goal of trying to help others in a similar way.  He lived and grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario where he continues to work closely with our youth at Core Hockey to develop important life and on ice skills.